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President Donald Trump Under Fire For False Claim About Barack Obama And Fallen Soldiers | TODAY
President Trump is under new controversy for remarks he made during a Monday press conference in the Rose Garden, claiming that former President Barack ...
1 day ago
Joe: President Donald Trump Used Kelly Family As Political Throwaway Line | Morning Joe | MSNBC
President Trump is facing criticism for how he has addressed the families of fallen soldiers, his treatment of John McCain and for new remarks about Obama.
11 hours ago
President Donald Trump DHS Pick Led George W. Bush To Failure In Katrina | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
Rachel Maddow reminds viewers of the leading role Kirstjen Nielsen played in the George W. Bush administration's response to Hurricane Katrina, making her a ...
11 hours ago
Colonel Jack Jacobs: Donald Trump Gold Star Family Remarks 'Almost Obscene' | The 11th Hour | MSNBC
Medal of Honor recipient, retired U.S. Army Colonel Jack Jacobs, reacts to President Trump dragging presidential conversations with Gold Star families into the ...
11 hours ago
President Donald Trump Confronted On His False Claims About Taxes | All In | MSNBC
Thing 1/Thing 2: The president says it doesn't matter that he's not telling the truth about the U.S. being the highest taxed nation in the world - because a lot of ...
21 hours ago
President Donald Trump Hits 'Rock Bottom' Discussing Fallen Troops | Morning Joe | MSNBC
During a Monday news conference, President Trump was asked about the killing of four Green Berets in an ambush in Niger and why he hadn't addressed their ...
1 day ago
Donald Trump: Congresswoman "KNOWS" Story About Widow is False. #Breaking #POTUS
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7 hours ago
WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump has hailed the extraordinary contributions of Indian-Americans to science, medicine, business and education in the ...
15 hours ago
When President Donald Trump 'Backed Down' On False Claims | The Last Word | MSNBC
Lawrence O'Donnell talks with The Atlantic's James Fallows and Toronto Star Washington Correspondent Daniel Dale, who says Trump has backed off several ...
1 day ago
President Donald Trump: Ask General Kelly If He Got A Call From Obama | MSNBC
During a interview, President Trump claims that President Obama did not call General Kelly after his son died in Afghanistan. » Subscribe to MSNBC: ...
1 day ago
President Donald Trump To Widow Of Fallen Soldier: ‘He Knew What He Signed Up For’ | TODAY
After facing criticism for not reaching out to the families of fallen soldiers, President Trump called one of the widows Tuesday and said her husband, Army Sgt. La ...
9 hours ago
Donald Trump Celebrates Diwali in Oval Office America | INDIA-AMERICA Relations | Latest
Donald Trump Celebrates Diwali in Oval Office America | INDIA-AMERICA Relations SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE ...
14 hours ago
President Donald Trump Refutes Florida Congresswoman’s Account Of Call To Soldier’s Widow | NBC News
President Donald Trump denies a Florida Congresswoman's claim that he told Sergeant David Johnson's widow he "must've known what he signed up for.
6 hours ago
Donald Trump & Mitch McConnell’s Public Break Up | The Daily Show
After making up an African country, Trump was too scared of mispronouncing "Niger". So he used the old "Your card's in the mail" excuse! Subscribe to Comedy ...
13 hours ago
Donald Trump - Celebrate Diwali in White House
Donald Trump - Celebrate Diwali in White House diwali 2017, diwali song, diwali dance, diwali movie, diwali decoration, diwali makeup, diwali rangoli, diwali ...
19 hours ago
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